CANCELLATIONS - Please allow a 24 hour notice to avoid a $25 cancellation charge, which will be added to your next booked service. After 3 consecutive cancellations you will no longer be able to book with me.

NO CALL/ NO SHOW - Only allowed once. After one "no call/no show" you will not be able to book with me.

DEPOSITS - Select services require deposits. Please review the details of your selected service and pay deposit accordingly (Details can be found when you click on the photo of your selected service). ALL deposits are non-refundable/ non-transferable, so please be certain of the day and time you choose for your service. Once deposits are submitted, the balance will  be due at your scheduled appointment.

*If your deposit is not paid prior to your appointment then your deposit AND service cost is due in order to secure your appointment.

LATE FEE - There is a 20 minute grace period from the time of your scheduled appointment. You MUST be in my chair within 20 minutes to avoid cancellation. If you are in my chair 21 minutes late you will not be serviced and you will need to reschedule. 

AGE LIMIT - All clients must be 12 years and up. Pricing is standard. 

HAIR LENGTH - Specifically for the protective style "Two Braid Shawty", your hair MUST be at least 4-5 inches long to enjoy the the longevity of the style. If you have short hair and do not consult with me prior to booking, I can refuse your appointment or charge a penalty fee for extra labor. Please respect this.

PRICING - Prices are firm, non-negotiable.

Example: Hair is included in the "Feeder Braids" Service.


Client: If I bring my own hair how much will you charge?


Me: The price is still the same. Imagine hiring a DJ for an event. You say, "hey, I brought my own records for you to spin. How much will you take off?" Remember, you are paying us for a service, so regardless of what you bring the price will remain the same.